Going for Gold

Hadri Taekwondo is the most successful and fastest growing Taekwondo club in Tower Hamlets and East London, producing British Taekwondo Champions and regularly competing internationally.

The client...
had a website with growing amount of content but which was unstructured, outdated and cumbersome to maintain. This was hindering efforts at marketing and growing the club. 

We delivered...
a complete redesign and build of a new website, targeting prospective students as well as their parents. The site is also used as an ongoing training tool, using a protected members' area where students can access instructional videos, training plans and more. The CMS makes it easy for various contributors to update information and manage the site.

The result...
is a highly successful and well-received website which helps Hadri stand out from other clubs and engage their student community. The website has become an integral tool both for marketing and for teaching.

We are very proud and pleased to have received this client feedback on the impact the new website has had on the academy:

"Our New Website has had a phenomenal effect on our club's growth.
Before the website we had around 80 students and have easily doubled in a short period and opened many new classes due to the increased demand.  It’s helped us to stand out from amongst the crowd and given us a professional look and feel. 70-80% of our new students/parents say they have visited our website before joining and it convinced them to come and join our club. 

Brave Media have set up a fantastic CMS backend which has radically reduced the time we spend updating the website and allows us to focus our energies on teaching. We have created a members section which we update regularly with video tutorials for our members and video syllabus to encourage home learning. This has helped our students become far better prepared for exams and increased the pass rate. 

Overall the website has helped take our club to a whole new level and kept us ahead of the game. "

Master Esrar Ahmed