We want to tell your story...

Bastion is a little PR powerhouse in the games, sports and entertainment sector - working with large games titles, the Gadget Show and more.

Bastion's stock-in-trade are words and ideas, so when it came to redesigning their website they needed more than a few pretty pages.

The client...
had a static, outdated brochure website in need of a complete rethink.

We delivered... 
a modern, well organised website design, integrating various social media channels and content formats. We wanted to create a publishing platform that is perfect for producing content - and great for SEO.

The result is...
A content-rich, engaging website. The site is constantly updated by a team of writers and full of great thought pieces - you should definitely have a look.

Tamesis Digital built the website on a solid WordPress platform, with special attention to the ease of creating and publishing for the Bastion team. 


Brave Media have done a great job of redesigning and building our company website and we love it! Brave Media provide one of those rare combinations of great design and strong technical skills in one package. 

Anna Cotton


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